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Uranus Is Not A Black Hole

Uranus Is Not A Black Hole

History made! Decades ago, I recall explaining to someone in my patented condescending tone that it is impossible to photograph a Black Hole. Guess what? Once more, I was wrong wrong wrong. Behold, the first photograph of the event horizon around a supermassive Black Hole. This is indeed wondrous: (more…)

Maybe We Don’t Have An Overpopulation Problem

This is an expanded version of an article titled, “The World Isn’t Facing An Overpopulation Problem”, published in The Huffington Post on April 28, 2017.

What is the greatest threat to our civilization? If you were to ask a cross section of people in your life, you’d likely get an array of responses: terrorism, climate change, corporate greed, anti-intellectualism… the list goes on. (more…)

Chinese Men’s Willingness to be Circumcised


Nov 30, 2014 — This is episode seven of our special series of podcasts produced by the students of my 4th year International Health Theory class.  Today’s installment is brought to us by Gavin Maludzinski, Cara Elliott, Melissa Sutaroski, and Haley Rowlandson.

The paper they chose to analyze was “Factors Influencing Chinese Male’s Willingness to Undergo Circumcision: A Cross-Sectional Study in Western China.”



Seven Billion People

Greetings from onboard a Westjet flight from Ottawa to Vancouver.  Award for funniest line of the morning goes to the Westjet flight attendant who announced, while in mid-air: “Smoking is strictly prohibited on this flight. Anyone caught smoking will be asked to leave the aircraft immediately.”  Okay, so things seem funnier in the air. (more…)

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