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Hindsight Is….

2020, bitches!

Yes, this is my traditional first post of the new year in which I follow a fairly standard format. You know, giving thanks for the important things, etc. It’s become fairly predictable, but is still an important exercise, by my reckoning. (more…)

Revisiting the Overpopulation Question

One of the strange things about my profession is that I can never predict what the public will be fascinated by. Some years ago, I wrote a paper predicting that the sperm quality of men in less industrialized populations would not be as compromised as that of us men in the developed world. But what went viral was the paper’s introduction, which repeated what pretty much every gamete researcher already knows, that measured sperm quality has been declining for decades. (more…)

Uranus Is Not A Black Hole

Uranus Is Not A Black Hole

History made! Decades ago, I recall explaining to someone in my patented condescending tone that it is impossible to photograph a Black Hole. Guess what? Once more, I was wrong wrong wrong. Behold, the first photograph of the event horizon around a supermassive Black Hole. This is indeed wondrous: (more…)

Health and Climate Change

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