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Breaking Wind



Here’s the story. I’ve been a subscriber to Wind Mobile, one of Canada’s cell phone service providers, for many years now. My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is old, but which has served me well. (more…)

Using Social Media to Help Start a Science Career: How to Network


I’ve lost count of how many students have approached me for career advice. ┬áThis is a little horrifying, since they tend to do so very late in their undergraduate or graduate training, when their more far thinking colleagues have already been planning their escape to the work world for years.


I Oppose the TPP & You Should, Too

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is one of the biggest international trade deals in history. It might be the biggest, once all the numbers are crunched. It’s an agreement between 12 Pacific Rim countries, most notably Canada, the USA, and Japan –and most significantly excluding China– that is expected to be accepted by all signatory nations sometime in the next year. (more…)

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