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Apropos of Nothing

“People are only upset at the exploitation of their part of the world… Somebody can be absolutely furious at the use of a word that’s not the proper use of that word, then steps over a homeless person on their way to work.” –Jon Stewart



I am famously not a fan of the sports business. I think everyone should play sports. But being a sports “fan” is a lazy thing that reeks of pointless nationalism.

My weakness, though, has always been combat sports.  In particular, MMA (mixed martial arts) fascinates me no end, for the technique, the discipline, the narrative, and for reasons that I believe are downright existential. The martial arts, to me, have always been an activity ripe with self-knowledge and, dare I say it, a degree of spiritual truth. All other sports are metaphors for combat — “I’m gonna beat your ass!”– whereas combat is, in and of itself, a primary human condition. (more…)

Tominaga Sensei: In Memory of a Great Man


Just finished watching the most anticipated UFC card of the year.  It featured the re-match between perhaps the greatest martial artist the competitive world has ever seen –Anderson Silva– and the young upstart who stole his throne back in July, the new Middleweight champion, Chris Weidman. (more…)

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