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What’s Ray Listening To Today?


The world is objectively awful right now. I have waves of competing and disturbing thoughts about this that perhaps I will have to put to paper, just to retain my sanity. But until then, I need a salve for my soul. For me, that usually means dipping into the freshwater well of musical nostalgia. So for a few minutes, let me share with you what I’m currently listening to. Just so we can think about something other than …gestures broadly… all this.


How Much Do I Hate UPS?

It was a running gag some years ago. I work from home and frequently get deliveries throughout the day. But whenever it was a UPS delivery, the driver would run out of his truck, stick a “receiver not at home” sticker on my door, then drive away…. never having knocked. This happened so often that I started to log its frequency on social media. (more…)

The Weaponization of Debate

Ten years ago, while still a relatively fresh academic, I was invited onto the Joe Rogan podcast to debate Peter Duesberg, a biologist who was infamously claiming that the HIV virus is not the cause of AIDS. I declined the invitation for several reasons, not least of which was that I was not comfortable granting credibility to a fringe and dangerous theory.  (more…)



Welcome to the year of Zardoz, my droogies.  Yes, that epic Sean Connery flick was set in 2023. I’m sad that Connery didn’t get to see its reality. I’m further sad that his sartorial prediction has not yet come to pass:


Mind you, as I continue to work from home, there’s no reason that I can’t make this my new official office attire.


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