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Free At Last!

My latest one-month Facebook ban expires today. Woot! Trying to celebrate by paying mocking homage (mockage?) to our new Twitter overlord, and maybe getting banned there, as well:

So, what was I banned for this time?  Well, this post… (more…)

We Are Not Defined By Our Endings

I’ve found myself in “Facebook jail” a fair bit recently. Most recently because I suggested that someone who had minimized the experiences of a victim of child rape should be given an aggressive wedgie. Yes, literally a wedgie:

I do like that Facebook keeps a running log of all my transgressions: (more…)

My First Father’s Day Without My Father

Hari and Dada, crossing the street hand-in-hand.

Today (well, technically yesterday) is a complicated day for some people. It’s Father’s Day. For many, it’s a day to watch something fun on TV with their dads. For others, it’s resentment that they did not know their dads, or indeed wish that they did not know them. For others still, it’s a time of great loss. (more…)

Sic Semper Tywattis

Oh look, another non-COVID related post! These things do happen, you know. The disease is still with us, infection rates are still sky high, but we are two years into this thing and I suspect many of you are tired of hearing me pontificate about the bloody virus.

Related to my media commentary, though, was this tweet that one of my automated web search bots revealed to me:

Apparently, advocating for rational public measures to save lives and preserve our health care system is “tyranny” –despite the fact that some of my colleagues have in the past described me as a “free choice and free speech evangelist.” In fact, at times I have literally chosen unemployment over attempts by employers to constrain my free speech. I exercised my legal and ethical freedom of choice to do so.

So that’s what I advocate for the rest of society: we need certain mandates to control public health threats, but always maintain a safety valve for individuals to choose not to comply, but at a personal cost –a cost that I personally have been willing to pay several times in the past. It seems my detractors are simply unwilling to pay that personal cost –e.g., leaving a job that requires vaccination- or any cost, for that matter. (more…)

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