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The Human Resource Gap

As I hope most of you know, I supposedly have a regular column/blog over at the MicroSoft Canada website.  The problem is that their interns keep turning over, and I have no idea anymore who is responsible for uploading my content!  The last article I wrote for them, and that was published, was in April of 2010.   I wrote another one in August of that year, and sent it to every one of my contacts over at MS Canada… but they all seem to have disappeared.  Or maybe my column/blog has been quietly discontinued.  I have no idea.



Your Dream Is Still In Reach

CSI? More Like CS-Why

Recently, I had the interesting opportunity to attend the Ontario Universities Fair in Toronto, representing the University at which I am a professor. The fair is something relatively new. It certainly wasn’t around when I was a high school student. It’s an opportunity for senior high school students to hear the pitches of various Universities and colleges in their vicinity and thus, in theory, make a more informed choice about their career paths. (more…)

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