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The Best Bond Songs

AI-generated image of a generic James Bond. Looks like one of my Indian cousins after he’s starved himself for a month.

Clearly I’m procrastinating. In fact, I’d describe myself as a professionally crastinator, I’m so good at it.

Instead of tackling one of the countless overdue tasks demanding my attention, this morning I’ve chosen to list the five very best theme songs from the James Bond movie franchise.

My criteria? I have none. These are just the ones I like best, the ones I regularly find myself humming and randomly calling up on Spotify. You might disagree with my ranking, but you would be wrong.

So from #10 to #1, here is my list….


Free At Last!

My latest one-month Facebook ban expires today. Woot! Trying to celebrate by paying mocking homage (mockage?) to our new Twitter overlord, and maybe getting banned there, as well:

So, what was I banned for this time?  Well, this post… (more…)

Medieval (F)art

Not everything is about COVID, okay?

This past week I discovered the wonderful world of bad Medieval art. Here are some gems and what they look like to me.


The Leftovers

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