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Is It Time For Mainstream Scientists To Take UFO/UAPs Seriously?

Recent US congressional hearings focused on eyewitness testimony from two navy pilots who claimed to have encountered UFOs, and a highly ranked military intelligence officer who claimed to know of crashed UFO retrieval programs. In the wake of this event, Mike Donofrio and Dr Raywat Deonandan talk about the waning stigma of the UFO topic among mainstream scientists.

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Let’s Talk About RAT Tests (Podcast Episode)

COVID-19: Should You Give Your Child the Vaccine (Podcast Episode)

May 28, 2021 — It’s a question I get a lot these days: should I give my child the COVID-19 vaccine? Well, it’s ultimately a personal decision that you should take up with your child’s pediatrician. In this brief episode, I outline a framework for how to think about risk vs reward. You can read my full take on the question at this blog post: “COVID-19: Should I Vaccinate My Child?

This episode is also available as a YouTube video:


COVID-19: Interview With Sweden’s Dr Anders Tegnell

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