Quiz Time: All About British Monarchy

This week, the newest heir to the British throne, George Alexander Louis something something was born.  Several friends have pointed out that the name reminds them of George Costanza, Jason Alexander, and Julia Louis Dreyfuss —hence, Seinfeld.  And as Stephen Colbert pointed out, Seinfeld was about what the Royal family actually does…. nothing.

I was shocked when my elderly parents raised a toast to the “birth of a new king”, something my 82 year old father exclaimed he never thought he’d live to see again.  I was a little perturbed that they took an interest in it.  But then again, we are from “British” Guyana, are of “British” Indian extraction, and are citizens of “British” Canada.  So there you have it.

I really have no interest in any of it, except that I’m a fan of history.  And I’ve decided that I will try to be less of a cynical asshole about these things, and actually be forgiving of people who want to celebrate pointless, but otherwise happy things.  So if you want to celebrate the birth of a child, then that’s fine with me; it’s better than celebrating some pointless sports victory in which you likely had no role.

So, because people sort of seem interested, today’s quiz is all about British monarchy.  As usual, the answers are at the bottom…



Quiz Time: All About Salt

Did you know our English word “salary” comes from “salt”?  At one point in history, Romans were often paid in salt, so the Latin word “salarium” refers to this practice… at least according to Pliny the Elder, though accounts differ.

What we do know is that we each need about a teaspoon of salt per day to survive. Our ancestors arose from the salty sea, after all, so that need is wired into us.  Biologically, salt is important for a host of osmotic, transmissive, and neurological purposes.  But today’s quiz is more geographical.

First, to warm you up, what the fuck is this?


It’s not what you think. Believe it or not, these are so-called “penis fish” or Urechis Unicinctus, a kind of Korean “spoon worm”. Is it salty? I dunno. I’m not gonna taste it.

1. First up, salt is not useful without water. So which three countries have the most fresh groundwater, by volume, in the world?

2. Which three countries produce the most commercial salt, by mass?

3. According to the WHO, which country eats the most salt per capita?

4. According to a CMAJ study, which country out of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, and New Zealand has the least salt in its fast food?

5. From which country comes the world’s most expensive salt?






1. Russia, China, USA
2. USA, China, India
3. Kazakhstan
4. UK
5. Denmark

Quiz Time: Historical Abbreviations

Ready for another fun quiz?  This time it’s about abbreviations on historically important standards.  As usual, answers are on the bottom. So, what do these abbreviations stand for? (Note, they are all in non-English languages; so either the original or English translations will suffice.)

















1. Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
2. The Senate and People of Rome
3. National Socialist German Workers Party
4. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics