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Loneliness Will Sit Over Our Roofs With Brooding Wings

It’s 1:30 AM, and the light patter of Dublin rain spits against my window here in the university residence room where I sip Irish breakfast tea and fight the inner monster of procrastination. (more…)

I Don’t Know Many Arseholes But I Don’t Want to Insult the Ones I Know

My second full day in Ireland. I am once more seated in a Caffe Nero (my preferred coffee chain here, due mostly to their excellent pastries and wifi speed). I have relocated from the KeyCollections hotel in Rathgar (how cool of a name is Rathgar?) to a residence room on a local college campus. (It’s very comfortable, by the way.)

The highlight of today was another visit to Trinity College Dublin, an ancient university founded during the reign of Elizabeth I (1592). I did the tourist thing and paid to see the Book of Kells. If you’re a lover of history, religions, and books, as I am, then this is a must-do. (more…)

An Cat Dublin

Greetings from Caffè Nero in Dublin, Ireland, where I have retreated to caffeinated comfort from the spitting rain, after stuffing down this enormous faux meat “doner kebab” from the Shova Vegan Butcher:


It’s Nassau, not NASA

When I travel, it’s my tradition to record my perceptions of the experience in a blog post or two. Recently, the Blonde Girl and I spent a few days in Nassau, Bahamas, and I waited too long to record my thoughts. So let me try to put down a few words right now, while I have a moment. (more…)

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