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Trivia Night With the Pop Health PhD Students

It’s another installment of the rolling Raywat Deonandan trivia competition! This time the competitors were a small selection of PhD students in Population Health. I had just given them a presentation on how to write an op-ed, and we retired to Cafe Nostalgica for beer and trivia. (more…)

HSS Trivia 2019!

I’ve been hosting trivia contests at the University of Ottawa for three years now. Our most recent event was this past Wednesday March 6, 2019. (more…)

Professors’ Trivia Night, 2018

Trivia Master Wat with Jason, Jeff and Pascal

May 16, 2018, saw the second annual installment of our department’s trivia contest, held in a dank pub basement, and featuring solely the professors in our School…. and the daughter of one of said professors. (more…)

Trivia Night, 2018

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