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Dispatches From Istanbul

When In Eastern Rome, Do As The Eastern Romans Do


The following post was written in Istanbul Ataturk airport on the morning of Monday March 4th, but not uploaded until afternoon the next day.

Yes, Yes, the Cappadoccians. Fine.

From The Simpsons, season 8, episode 16, “Brother From Another Series“:


Sideshow Bob: Cecil, no civilization in history has ever considered chief Hydrological Engineer a calling.

(Cecil clears throat)

Sideshow Bob: Yes, yes the Cappadoccians, fine.


I Found a Turkey in Turkey

No, seriously. I did.

Photo by Adam Stevens

Photo by Adam Stevens

We in the West call them turkeys because Westerners first discovered them (or something resembling them) within the country called Turkey. Ironically, Turks call them “hindi” because they encountered the birds in India.

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