Seinfeld as a Hipster

Someone on Twitter just released adjusted images of the characters in Seinfeld updated for today’s fashion sensibilities. (more…)

A Review of the New “Cosmos” with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Elements of this review were reproduced in the Huffington Post article, “The World Needed the Return of ‘Cosmos'”


Back in 1979, I was a 12 year old immigrant kid, youngest in a busy and stressed house of 7 people, and attending an inner city middle school in Toronto, which was not exactly the model of academic excellence (but which was, as an aside, the model for the TV show, DeGrassi Junior High). (more…)

If TV Shows Were Pornographic


A few years ago I made a list of porn versions of popular movies.  Let’s try to do the same for TV shows, shall we?


   Doctor Goo

   The Orifice


   BJ and the Hair

   Game of Bones

   The Daily Ho

   How I Wet Your Mother


   Storage Whores

   The Gimpsons


And…. the winner is….

    The Deadliest Snatch


You’re welcome.

Separated at Birth, part 14

For part 13 of our regular series, click here.

Guillermo del Toro, rotund film director

Michael Moore, rotund film director

And they both kinda look like this guy:

Comic Book Guy, best rotund character... ever

In other news…

Check out my retrospective review of Babylon 5 over at

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