Recorded Lectures

All recorded lectures are available via the YouTube playlist.



  1. Logistic Regression for SPSS, by Karl Wuensch
  2. Business Research Methods and Statistics using SPSS: Chapter 24, Logistic Regression by Robert Burns & Richard Burns
  3. SPSS Short Course by University of North Texas
  4. STAT3004 Multivariate Data Analysis, Part 2: Logistic Regression by Centre for Global Health Population Poverty and Policy, University of Southampton
  5. Example of full analytical summary from Deonandan’s doctoral thesis
  6. Example of interaction term detection from Deonandan’s doctoral thesis
  7. Example of confounder detection from Deonandan’s doctoral thesis
  8. Understanding logistic regression analysis


  • Jan 19 – download sample data, get accustomed to SPSS, play with the variable and data view, explore variables
  • Jan 26 – homework described on last slide
  • Feb 2 – homework described on last slide, also read resources 1-4 (linked above)