The Rise of the New Intolerance

Back in 1995, I went digitally “undercover” on behalf of a major newspaper to lurk on the online discussion forums of neo-Nazis and white supremacists. The internet was new back then, and not everyone had access yet. But the ‘Net was rapidly proving to be a comfortable gathering space for those with vile antisocial viewpoints, where they could spout and collude in anonymous comfort. (more…)

What’s Ray Listening To Today?


The world is objectively awful right now. I have waves of competing and disturbing thoughts about this that perhaps I will have to put to paper, just to retain my sanity. But until then, I need a salve for my soul. For me, that usually means dipping into the freshwater well of musical nostalgia. So for a few minutes, let me share with you what I’m currently listening to. Just so we can think about something other than …gestures broadly… all this.


Is It Time For Mainstream Scientists To Take UFO/UAPs Seriously?

Recent US congressional hearings focused on eyewitness testimony from two navy pilots who claimed to have encountered UFOs, and a highly ranked military intelligence officer who claimed to know of crashed UFO retrieval programs. In the wake of this event, Mike Donofrio and Dr Raywat Deonandan talk about the waning stigma of the UFO topic among mainstream scientists.

This podcast episode is also available as a video on YouTube:

How Much Do I Hate UPS?

It was a running gag some years ago. I work from home and frequently get deliveries throughout the day. But whenever it was a UPS delivery, the driver would run out of his truck, stick a “receiver not at home” sticker on my door, then drive away…. never having knocked. This happened so often that I started to log its frequency on social media. (more…)

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