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Sister sites – deonandia


Skiffy.ca – A site for all things science fiction! The Podium – A virtual op-ed magazine founded by Raywat Deonandan and Edmund Wong
Vak International – An international development consultancy operated by Raywat Deonandan and Sneh Aurora Intanjible Press – My virtual book publishing company
Research Ready – Institutional training in research methods Deonandan Consulting, Inc – Raywat Deonandan’s primary consulting firm
The Buddies Program – A student mentoring service for Health Sciences undergraduates at the University of Ottawa, founded by Raywat Deonandan and Rita Hafizi The RISS-IJHS Journal – The Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences, a student-run academic journal founded by Raywat Deonandan
Science Monkey – A science education podcast hosted by Dr Graham Sanders and Dr Raywat Deonandan Canadian Society for Epidemiology & Biostatistics – University of Ottawa Chapter – A student organization advised by Raywat Deonandan