by Raywat Deonandan

Winner of the national book award of the nation of Guyana.
“A modern Caribbean classic.”


Deonandan’ s prose is quirky and engaging . . . at its satirical best it is amusing and incisive…” -The Globe and Mail

An endless fountain of fertile imagination.” -Pagitica Magazine

Each short story in this volume is exquisitely crafted, as if the writer creates each line like a work of art.” -India Currents Magazine

I could already smell the flowers and spices, the ocean, hear the tigers and different tongues.” -Danforth Review

Like other writers of South Asian background such as Michael Ondaatje, Cyril Dabydeen, Sasenarine Persaud, and Zulfikar Ghose, Deonandan helps readers to understand the enormous cultural diversity of our hemisphere.” -Americas Magazine

Deonandan challenges his readers with the outrageousness that is our modern world, to sit back and ponder the notions of exile and belonging.” -MyBindi.com

Psst, here comes a young writer, crossing your path almost noiselessly, who tells stories in such an unpretentious fashion that one is left wondering about the unbearable lightness of his craftsmanship.” -The Caribbean Writer