Thanks to those who’ve made comments about the new site design. It’s a work in progress; more comments are welcome. As always, last year’s Bulletin is archived, so if you missed my closing year commentary, feel free to browse back. I’d like to remind you of the new articles over on The Podium: “Poverty Caused the Tsunami” and “Stingy Tsunami Relief.”

2004 was a crappy year for many reasons, both global and personal. But the tradition here at is to begin each year by listing those things for which I am actually thankful. So let’s go…

  • While I loved living in Washington, DC, it’s sort of nice to be out of the USA during these times of renewed gestapo culture;
  • I started a great new job and a great new career in consulting right here in boring old Ottawa;
  • My new book came out (and no one seemed to notice), but at least now I’m officially not just an author, but a novelist. Cool.
  • As a result of a personal crisis I discovered just how cool and supportive my friends and family really are;
  • Speaking of which, while some close friends have lost parents recently, I still thankfully have both of mine (serious knocking on wood!)
  • Canada’s new federal Conservative party, while full of fire and bravado, failed to win election to power. Whew!
  • Most importantly, I met a remarkable young woman who, though we are no longer involved, remains a part of my life, and I am much better for it.

Sorry for the shmaltz, but that’s what you get. It’s a small price to pay one day a year for the hard as nails journalistic commentary you usually get here at!