Epidemiology Without Math

Learn the science underpinning the practice of public health in a safe online environment. Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. And if you, like so many others, are spooked by the prospect of higher mathematics, then this course is for you: there is no math involved.

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In the wake of the COVID pandemic, interest in the science of Epidemiology is soaring. But if you don't have a background in medical science, you probably have a skewed impression of what it's all about. Yes, there is a lot of math and statistics built into Epidemiology. After all, it is essentially the science of population health research without the ickiness of blood, ooze, or other fluids to deal with. Our major tools are logic, reason, and statistics!

However, the core concepts of Epidemiology are useful and relevant for everyone, not just researchers. It can help you read newspaper reports about research findings more fluently, for example. If you understand how the experts know what they claim to know, then you're halfway to being an expert yourself. I think it's a kind of super power. And as a result, I wish everyone could receive a minimal grounding in Epidemiology.

But because a lot of people are spooked by the prospect of mathematics, I've created this course specifically to avoid all computations and calculations. I have a follow-up course with that content included, for those who are interested. But for everyone else, these nine lectures are really all you need to get a solid footing in this science. I think it's ideal for journalists, math-phobic students, and any citizen interested in adding to their intellectual arsenal.